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Less than 1% of the Irish housing stock enjoy a BER “A-rating” making Scarlet Court a very unique and highly desirable development. “A-rated” homes are the most energy-efficient houses available today and will tend to have the lowest energy bills. In order to achieve an “A-rating” the quality and standard employed by the builder must be of the highest level and encompass the latest technology as follows:



  • High levels of insulation in the walls, roof and floors

  • High performance triple glazed energy efficient windows 

  • Air Tightness – retains heat and minimises exposure to the external elements and reduces heat loss

  • Geothermal Heating and multi-zone controls ensure that the heat is produced efficiently reducing energy waste and cost

  • No chimney reducing heat loss 



Energy rated homes

Until you live in an “A-rated” energy-efficient home you cannot appreciate the exceptional comfort they bring. They require much less energy because they are air tight or sealed and built to hold the heat, as a result the average cost of heating these homes is significantly reduced.

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